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  • Can I reserve items for in-person pickup?
    Totally! If you find a piece of clothing that interests you, please call us with the product name, size, and color (if applicable) and we will set it aside for you.
  • Where can I expect up-to-date information to be located?
    We appreciate your interest in staying close with us. We frequently post all sales on our Facebook page and will try to keep our Wix subscriber list up-to-date with Emails.
  • Can I price match an online sale to an in-person purchase?
    Sure! We will try and stray away from any of these discrepancies, but if you are in-person and want a product you saw online, feel free to show us the listing and we will help you even that out.
  • How are your products acquired?
    Made on Earth products are acquired through fair trade. We hold our vendors to the highest standards and make sure that this is reciprocated through equal value transactions, and making sure the payout makes it to the real designer. We are known for having real relationships beyond business with our international vendors. Our owner even traveled to Bali and met one of her vendors while there!
  • What are your hours for the in-person store?
    We are open from 10-5pm on Monday, 10-4pm on Tuesday through Saturday, and will be closed all Sundays to give our staff a well-earned break.
  • I have noticed an issue with the website. Who should I contact?
    We are new to the online market, and we apologize if you've had any difficulties using our site. We would love to hear your feedback on how we can improve. Do this by filling out a contact form, reaching us at our store number or Email, or reaching out to our student-driven design team at
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